Rental of warehouse and office space
About us
Warehouse complex Saqta Group is an ideal solution for your business. Here you will find cold and warm warehouses, offices and containers. We offer maximum security, convenient conditions and annual improvements. Join us and keep your business secure and manage your inventory.
years on the market
video surveillance cameras on the territory
of territory
coffee shop and canteen
permanent video surveillance
protection of the territory
convenient location
territory cleaning
cold warehouses
2500 tenge/m2
warm warehouses
3000 tenge/m2
from 2900 tenge/m2
from 60 000 tenge
Residents and reviews
Convenient location in the city center. Thoughtful access to warehouses for heavy vehicles. Round the clock security. Warehouses are equipped with heating and electricity. The offices have all communications, internet and air conditioning, and everything else you need for comfortable work. Large car park for employees.
We have been renting this area for 7 years. Very respectable base administration. Convenient transportation in all directions. Since we are engaged in wholesale sales, there is no problem with the container. Accessible and wide entrances to warehouses. Warehouses are all guarded, the area around the warehouse is always clean. A big plus is that the base is located within the city at reasonable prices. We are very satisfied with the administration of the base.
Profimax LLP has been renting warehouses and an office in Saqta Group for more than 17 years. I must say that there is full contact with the leadership of the center. All possible maintenance questions are accepted with the understanding that this is not often the case. Issues with security, parking, repair of access roads, heating and maintenance of offices have been resolved. We are very grateful to the management of the center!
LLP "Аviva Group"
LLP "Profimaks"
Brodsky street, 37A
Almaty region, Kazakhstan